Do you have a security plan?
From protecting you from loss of data to the latest virus outbreak, our security stack implements multiple layers of protection to keep your environment safe.



Using the right recovery method in a given situation can significantly improve recovery time. Orr Systems gives businesses multiple options for dealing with the different causes of data loss and downtime:
• Hybrid protection (local & cloud)
• Granular and image backup options
• Rapid recovery of files or full system data
• Dissimilar hardware restore from bare metal


Endpoint Security

Utilizing the best in NextGen Endpoint security software, Orr Systems provides the accuracy, scope and response needed to protect your business assets. From servers to mobile devices, we have you covered.


Spam is not only annoying, but can be extremely harmful to your network. We take the stress off your mail servers and yourself with a 99.9% Spam Catch Rate and only a .003% false positive rate. You can be assured that the spam is being blocked while your important email is not.


Reduce the loss of productivity and your liability with a complete web security solution with Orr Systems. We block malware sites, phishing sites, viruses and more, and with granular control on who can go where and do what, you can have different levels of access to sites that might be needed, such as facebook and twitter for your marketing team.